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The Doremus establishments were first created in 1912, by M. Louis DOREMUS. Over the last 100 years, and 5 generations later the same family still manages the company.
The company is still situated on its historic site, chosen at the time , because of  the numerous  fresh water springs nearby, water resources being indispensible in the production of natural casings.
Located between Le Havre and Paris-right in the centre of Greater Paris, it occupies a strategic position close to main trunk roads and motorway network, which ensures fast transport.

The company has evolved over the years  as well as streamlined its production to comply with European standards.

Not only an active member of the C.S.B.F (French natural casing association) but also of the E.N.S.C.A (European Natural Sausage Casing Association) and the I.N.S.C.A (International Natural Sausage Casing Association), which  has enabled us to develop our activities  internationally :  indeed, the international  market has become  an essential  and ever-growing part  our business.