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A sausage is ,first and foremost, casing filled with chopped and seasoned meat.
the best sausage  is made exclusively with  NATURAL CASING !
Often imitated but never equaled,  only  Natural Casing will give a sausage its characteristic bent shape.
Traditionally used  as an outer -layer  or sheath for  quality delicatessen, the Natural Casing best ensures  preservation  of the meat which it contains, while  allowing exchanges with   the outside air, thanks to its natural permeability.
The Natural Casing has been greatly instrumental in making our  regional  sausages , nationally as well as internationally  famous.

M. GROJEAN - Director

- Packing : salted casings or in brine, in barrel, on  tube or pipe.

- Origin : Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the Middle East.

- Used for: merguez sausage, chipolata, godiveau, cocktail sausages, knackwurst, frankfurter, saucisse de Toulouse, Viennese sausage...



- Packing : salted  casings or in brine, on tube

- Origin : Europe, China.

- Used for : Saucisse de Toulouse, black sausage, white sausage, chorizo, dried sausage, andouillette, andouille of Gueméné, andouille de Vire, morteau...


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